Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mechanism that increase energy efficiency.

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As shown in figure sliding plates can slide over fixed plates. Stationary plate is simply supported horizontally on sliding plates. Lubrication is provided at contact surfaces of stationary plate and sliding plates. Weight or load or force (mg) is applied at center of stationary plate. This load is equally divided and applied on each sliding plate in vertical downward direction (mg/2). This mg/2 cos(alpha) helps sliding plate to slide in nearly downward direction.

Force is stationary and it can help to slide the sliding plates at some angle.

Uses and Advantages:

  1. It will decrease manufacturing cost.

  2. It will decrease electricity Bill.

  3. It will help to reduce green house effect.

  4. It provides clean energy.

  5. It is cheap and available at every place.

  6. It can use for both linear as well as for circular motion also.

  7. It will improve quality of people’s life by giving clean and cheap energy.

  8. It will help to reduce carbon dioxide in environment.

Jigar Y. Patel